37 Nursery and Childcare facilities 5 Specialist and Alternative Schools 2 Further Education Facilities 1 Independent School Source: DMBC 99 Primary Schools 19 Secondary Schools EDUCATION: THE FACTS AND FIGURES PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CHOICES Doncaster primary schools pride themselves in caring for every child’s BIG transition, helping them to take those first steps from nursery to start their school life with the care and support required to make them feel secure. Each child is nurtured in a positive environment, essential to assist with positive participation and personal development. Working closely with parents, our teachers share the responsibility of encouragement with successful outcomes ready for the next stage of their education. Doncaster borough is home to a network of primary schools which cater for all faiths and beliefs. There are 19 secondary schools in Doncaster, with several attaining outstanding scores from Ofsted for the education that they offer. With a mix of both state run academy and comprehensive, and also independent schools in the area, there are many options available for parents of students in the borough. DONCASTER - FIRST FOR INVESTMENT - 11