AVERAGE HOUSE PRICES: Detached - £227,830 DONCASTER ENGLAND Detached - £369,588 Semi-Detached £224,894 Apartment - £225,943 Semi-Detached £123,625 Apartment - £101,708 Terraced - £95,653 Terraced - £197,746 Source: Zoopla INVEST IN DONCASTER PROPERTY House prices in Doncaster represent excellent value for money when comparing like for like with other areas in the UK. A three bedroomed semi-detached house in the Doncaster area can be purchased for as little as £105,000 upwards to more than £2,000,000 for some of the areas most prestigious properties. The rental market in Doncaster is varied and far reaching, with everything from country cottages to urban apartments to choose from at very reasonable prices. DONCASTER - FIRST FOR INVESTMENT - 7