LEARN We've got education covered in Doncaster, from nursery through to post-graduate studies. Not only is the area home to both fantastic state and private schooling options, there are specialist schools, such as Doncaster School for the Deaf, that cater for pupils with very specific needs. The higher education opportunities offered at Doncaster College and University Centre are wide ranging, and the close proximity to many of the largest universities in the UK, means all educational needs can be met. DO BUSINESS All business sectors are represented in the Doncaster borough. The town’s great rail heritage continues to inspire and offer exceptional opportunities. Manufacturing, engineering and construction are delivered by some of the largest UK businesses. There is an abundance of services and retail opportunities from legal firms and financial institutions to national shopping chains and accountancy practices. Once again, Doncaster’s central location in the UK attracts the biggest and best to the area. EXPLORE Doncaster has everything you could wish for in terms of entertainment. Our sporting offer covers football, rugby, horse racing and cycling to watch. If you want to take part in the action, there is everything from motocross and ice-skating to cycling and trampolining. For lovers of the outdoors there are many options including wetland areas, wildlife parks, stunning walks and historic country homes to visit. Finally, if you want to sit and enjoy a play or the ballet, the modern CAST Theatre provides a great space to relax and enjoy a performance. DONCASTER - FIRST FOR INVESTMENT - 5